About Us

The Mission of Grace San Diego is to help people find Christ and become his mature followers. As we pursue this mission, we believe that it is important to engage the culture in which we live.

Our vision is to be a safe place to experience Jesus!  That means it’s ok to be flawed and come to church! No need to fake it, just come as you are and you’ll find a loving Bible-based community!

We can’t wait for you to join us during our weekend services or a connect group that fits you!

Our History

Grace San Diego was established in 1912. The church has a wonderful history which included, under the leadership of Dr. Tim LaHaye, the founding of Christian High School, Christian Heritage College (Now San Diego Christian College) and Institute for Creation Research. Grace, for several years, was known as “Scott Memorial” before the name was changed to Grace Church San Diego in 2009.

Today, we continue to grow with a strong foundation on Biblical truth with a message of God’s grace, love and hope all anchored in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ!


Weekend Services

Grace Church San Diego – 4637 Oregon Street San Diego, CA. 92116

Sundays @ 9AM or 11:00AM (Kids programs in both)

Happy Hour – 10am-10:45am