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Murdock Elementary:

1. Touch-up paint on an already-painted (we would be going over the lines in new paint) US Map, on upper playground.
2. Putting up a lattice in the sand area, so that the Garden Team can grow vines on it.
3. Painting a new design “Pathway to Peace” on one of the pathways at school.
4. Also painting a fun hop scotch design on the playground.
5. Mural painting on a wall of the garden
6. Cleaning out the lower field shed.
7. Possibly building some playground equipment
8. Pumping up new sport balls

Student Building Make-Over

1. Prep walls – spackle, sand, pull out screws, staples
2. Couches – screw casters on couch bottoms
3. Paint Prep – Tape/Tarp off flooring and borders to prep for painting
4. Sound Boards – Assemble sound boards.
5. Lights – Remove Sensors
6. Partition Wall Assembly – We will bring over walls (photo booth pallet walls) and build two more for aesthetic and section off space.