Four sessions focused on developing theological thinkers, relevant biblical communicators, community builders and disciple makers.


Session 1 – Systematic Theology
Download and print this PDF

Recommended readings:
– Christian Theology by Erickson
– According to the Plan by Goldsworthy

Session 2 – Hermeneutics & Inductive Bible Study

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Additional handout: Preparing for a Bible Study

Additional handout: How To Do Inductive Bible Study

Additional handout: OIA Map

Recommended readings:
– How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth by Gordon Fee
– Read The Bible For A Change by Ray Lubeck

Session 3 – Shepherding a Family Community

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Recommended Readings:
– Missional Community Leader Guide by Eric Pfeiffer

Session 4 – Making Disciples

Download and print this PDF

Recommended readings:
– The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman
– The Disciples Maker’s Handbook by Bobby Harrington
– Follow Me – For a copy of Follow Me email the Connect Leadership at For more info on how to use Follow Me watch this
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