“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16


August 12th – We as a church will have a day of impact!

Go to normal services in the auditorium during normal services times for a brief time of worship and vision casting before being released to your project!

We are doing something unique!  We literally have never done this and we are excited to Bring Light to San Diego.

Signing up to serve is easy! Simply click on your campus below to choose the project you’d like to serve in.

All projects are campus specific. Choosing your campus is important to plug you into the right projects.

*Go to the auditorium at normal service times before/during your project*



*The day of, we will meet briefly at normal service times in the auditorium, then disburse from there to your assigned project.

*No 6pm service on Bring Light Sunday.


Q: “If I sign up, do I have to serve all day?”

A: No, the projects are customized and designed for you to serve for as long or short as you can.  Obviously we encourage you to stay and finish the project of your choosing, but we understand people are busy!

Q: “Will there be childcare?”

A: Childcare will be provided for kids 5 years of age or under.  If you do use childcare, you will need to choose a project that is onsite at your campus.

Q: “Does it cost to serve during this event?”

A: Although there is a cost to the church for a lot of supplies, paint, etc., we are not charging those who serve.  If you’d like to give, simply give to our general account.  You can go to www.gracesd.com/give and THANK YOU!