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March 27th Grace Kids

By March 25, 2022Uncategorized

Welcome back Grace Kids!

This week were are finishing up our series called “Peace”. All month we have discovered that when we trust in Jesus, he gives us peace. He will never leave us and will always take care of us.  This week we are focusing on our last lesson called “Peace and Love and Helping others”.  Don’t stand down. Stand up for peace, love and helping others.

Before we jump into the lesson, let’s stand and worship together.

“What a Might God We Serve” by: Kids Praise and Worship

“Praise Ye The Lord”  by: ListernerKids


Great job worshipping. Now let’s settle into a seat and get ready for our lesson today.

Before we go, here are a few review questions:

  1. What do you think is good about sharing Jesus’ peace?
  2. How would you describe a person who is a peacemaker?
  3. When do you think it’s easy to be a peacemaker?
  4. When do you think it’s hard to be a peacemaker?
  5. Name someone who is a good peacemaker and one things they do that makes them a good peacemaker.
  6. What can you learn from that person so you can be a better peacemaker?

Very good answers!

Get excited as we jump into Easter season starting next week!