Elementary Programming Nov 14th

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Happy November Grace Kids!

This month we are spending each week in Thanksgiving to our Savior. We are so excited to continue our series called ” God’s Grace”. In our 3 part series this month we will learn God’s grace is available to us all when we simply accept the sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross!

This week theme is  “Heart VS God”

Even with God’s law to follow, our human heart can still get it wrong. We are so thankful we’ve got God’s grace when we follow Jesus!

Our new memory verses for this week is ” Everyone has sinned. No one measures up to God’s glory.” – Romans 3:23

Lets tune into our friend at Konnect HQ to see what they have for us.

Wow! Our hearts doesn’t measure up, but God’s grace can clean it up.

Now lets review what we learned.

  1. What do all the rules in the Bible show us?
  2. What is God’s law of love?
  3. It’s impossible to live a perfect life that measures up to God’s glory, so what are we supposed to do?
  4. Some people say,”Follow your heart.” When is that good advice, and when is it bad?

Great Job!

Our challenge this week is follow God’s law of love this week. You can do this by talking with God, worshipping, showing love, or forgiving.

See you back here next week!



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