Elementary Programming for Aug 22nd

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Hello Grace Kids!

Welcome back as we continue on our series called “Grow UP”. We learned last week too stop whining, complaining, arguing, and GROW UP. This week we are going to focus on “Taking Care of Yourself”.

When you follow Jesus, your heart becomes a “baby” heart all over again!. You need people to tell you how to live for Jesus. That’s spiritual milk. But if you choose to live for Jesus without being told what to do all the time, that’s spiritual meat!



Now lets dig a little deeper with our review questions!

  1. What is spiritual milk?
  2. What is spiritual meat?
  3. When is it good to drink only spiritual milk?
  4. When is is bad to drink only spiritual milk?
  5. How do you think you can tell if you’re eating spiritual milk or meat?

Great answers! Lets stand up and worship our God!

Way Maker

What a Beautiful Name


Awesome worshipping!

Our memory verse for this week is:

“…. someone who lives on milk is still an infant and doesn’t know how to do what is right.”    – Hebrews 5:13

Here are some things to take away and share with your friends and families.

  1. How can you eat spiritual meat this week?
  2. Pick one example of spiritual meat from your activity sheet. How can you get better at the one thing this week?

Great job kids! See you all here next week.

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