Elementary Programming for August 8th

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Hello Grace Kids!

Welcome back as we continue on our  new series called “Grow UP”. We learned last week that Growing Up doesn’t just mean getting bigger. This week we are going to focus on “No more Excuses”.

We must catch an excuse before it slips out and keeps you from doing what you need to do! Tune into the lesson video to see how our friends at Konnect HQ do just that.



Part of growing up is not making excuses when life gets tough. Instead of looking for an excuse, God wants us to be a good example.


Now lets dig a little deeper with our review questions!

  1. In the Bible story, how did Samuel show he was mature?
  2. What excuses do you think Samuel could have made?
  3. What do people miss out on when they make excuses all the time?
  4. What big plans do you think God has for you?
  5. When you know what you need to do, how long should you wait before you do it?

Great answers! Lets stand up and worship our God!

Way Maker

What a Beautiful Name


Awesome worshipping!

Our memory verse for this week is:

“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it”

-James 4:17


Here are some things to take away and share with your friends and families.

  1. Share an excuse you say a lot. Ask God to help you stop saying it this week.
  2. Share a responsibility you want to have. What can you do this week to show you’re ready for that responsibility?

Great job kids! See you all here next week.

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