Elementary Programming for Aug 1st

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Hello Grace Kids!

This is an exciting week as we jump into a new series called “Grow UP”. Did you know that growing up doesn’t just mean getting older? When you make Jesus the leader of your life, you become a baby again. Just like babies have to learn, so do you. You have to learn how to grow and mature in your faith.

This week were are focusing on “Stinky Sin”. It’s time to grow up! Tune into the lesson video to see how our friends at Konnect HQ do just that.


Wow! How great is it that Jesus grew wiser and stronger for God.

Now lets dig a little deeper with our review questions!

  1. What do you think Jesus did to grow wiser and stronger for God?
  2. What do you think you can do to grow wiser and stronger for God?
  3. When you see someone make the same wrong choice over and over, what does it make you think?
  4. What do you think stinks about it?
  5. God still loves you when you sin, so what do you think is the point of trying not to sin?

Great answers! Lets stand up and worship our God!

Way Maker

What a Beautiful Name


Awesome worshipping!

Here are some things to take away and share with your friends and families.

  1. What is one sin you can ask God to help you quit this week?
  2. What godly choice can you start doing this week to be more pleasing to God and to people?



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