Elementary Programming for May 2nd

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Hey Grace Families!

Today we are starting our new series “Dealing with Feelings”

When we’re young, its not always easy to navigate the complexities of positive and negative feelings. But the good news is that God made us to have feelings and also help us deal with them. Lets see how our friends at Konnect HQ handle feeling mad.

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:

Raise a Hallelujah

10,000 Reasons

Review Questions:

  1. What sins are you tempted to do when you’re angry?
  2. What do you think is the reason people hit, yell, ignore people, or fight when they’re angry?
  3. How does it make you feel when people hit or yell?
  4. Think of a time you were mad but didn’t sin. What helped you choose not to sin?


Memory Verse:

“When you are angry, do not sin”,”Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry”

– Ephesians 4:28



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