PreK Kid’s Programming for Easter Sunday

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Happy Easter!

Hi Friends!
We are so happy you are here with us today!

Let’s watch today’s lesson video!



Review Time:
1) What do you do if you make bad choices? I ask Jesus to forgive me and try again.
2) Which Picture Pass shows Jesus heals your heart from sin? The bandage

Practice answering today’s question and saying the Bible verse together.

Scavenger Hunt:
Parents: Here is a fun Easter scavenger hunt that you can set up in advance and do with your kids.

Here is the PDF answer guide. This is only to help you set it up, not for the kids. The purple box on the bottom left shows the location to hide the clue. Once it is all set up, you can include a prize at the end!

Here is the PDF Hunt, where you can print and hide the clues (using the answer guide above). Include a fun prize, treat, or Easter basket at the end!

Happy Hunting!

Empty Tomb Craft:
Print this image (on pdf lesson linked below) and follow the instructions on the video! Color, cut it out, poke a hole where the dot is, put a pin through, and watch Jesus appear and disappear from the tomb!

Easter Bookmarks: CLICK HERE


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