Elementary Kid’s Programming for March 7th

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Hey Grace Families!

Peace. It’s more than chill vibes, tie-dye shirts, and mood rings. Join Konnect HQ this month as they learn that lasting peace is a gift from Jesus that never leaves us.

Konnect HQ:

Worship Songs:

Peace Like A River:

Stand Strong:

Shine a Light (Remix):

Activity Supplement: CLICK HERE

> Print out the activity supplement, and put a pen in the middle of the circle as a ‘spinner.’
> Say: When we choose to follow Jesus and unhappy things come up, we don’t have to lose it. We have God’s peace— we can calm down inside because we can trust Him. Now let’s see what it’s like to lose it—and what it’s like to choose God’s peace, instead!
> Spin the spinner. Everyone in the family does the activity that matches the color the spinner landed on. Note: See activity supplement to know what each color stands for.
> Repeat several times.
> Say: Every time we “lost it,” it was kind of crazy. But when we choose Jesus’ peace, it helps us calm down inside, get our thoughts together, and try again.
> Kids can come up with additional ways to “lose it” if they’d like.

Review Questions:
1) What gift does Jesus leave us with? Peace for your mind and your heart
2) What do you think peace feels like?
3) Who gets Jesus’ gift of peace? Everyone who chooses to trust in and follow Jesus
4) What good things do you think Jesus’ gift of peace does? Ideas: heal broken things like your heart and your friendship with God, help your mind and heart be strong and healthy, etc.
5) What are some things that might keep you from feeling Jesus’ gift of peace? Ideas: being too busy, jealousy, worrying, not forgiving others, hard times, getting made fun of, etc.
6) Talk about a time you felt really peaceful.
7) When you choose to follow Jesus, His peace is always with you. If you don’t feel it, what can you do about it?
Ideas: Pray, read the Bible, talk to a trusted friend, listen to music about God, etc.

Pray Together:
Ask kids to share things they’d like to pray about
Pray together over the prayer requests.
Not sure what to pray? Pray this: God, please help us get to know Jesus and the gift of peace He gives to us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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