Elementary Kid’s Programming for February 28th

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Hey Grace Families!

Today, let’s learn how to say NO to sin and stay pure.

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Journey of a Lifetime:

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One in a Million:

Activity Supplement: CLICK HERE

> Say: God gives us great Bible verses to help us say no to temptations. When you hear one, stand up!
Kids sit, crouched down.
> Read a temptation and a few verses from the activity supplement that don’t match it, then read the one that does.
> When you read the verses that don’t match the temptation, kids remain seated. Note: If a kid jumps up prematurely, encourage them to sit back down.
> When you read the verse that can help them say no to the temptation, they stand up without using their arms or hands. Note: If kids don’t stand, let them know they can do so.
> Reread the verse and celebrate before sitting again to repeat the game.
> Repeat the game for as many temptations and verses as you want

Review Questions:
1) What will God do for us when we are tempted? Make a way out so we can say, “No!” to sin
2) What is a temptation? When you want to do something that’s wrong
3) In the Bible story (Matthew 4:1-11), what did Jesus do each time the devil tempted him? He said a truth from the Bible and refused to do the sin.
4) What are some “ways out” God gives us when we’re tempted to sin? Bible verses, prayer, asking friends to help, leaving the situation, getting rid of things that tempt you, distracting yourself, etc.
5) If you give into temptation, what can you do to get back on the right path? Ask God’s forgiveness, and ask Him to help you say, “No!” next time.
6) What sins can you ask God to help you say, “No!” to this week?
7) Which “way out” do you think will help you say, “No!” to sin this week? Answers will vary. See question 4 above for ideas, if needed.

Pray Together:
> Ask kids to share things they’d like to pray about
> Think of some people who are fighting right now. Say a prayer for them.
> Pray together over the prayer requests.
> Not sure what to pray? Pray this: God, thank You for giving us a way out each time we are tempted so we can say, “No!” to sin every time. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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