Elementary Kid’s Programming for February 21st

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Hey Grace Families!

Pure. You’ve probably heard that word before, but what’s it mean? Find out with the Konnect crew as they learn how to get pure and stay that way!

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Activity: True for All

You’ll Need: Pom-poms (1 per child), 2 Buckets, Activity Supplement: CLICK HERE

How To:
Say: Some things are always true because God talks about them in the Bible. When you disobey those truths, it’s always a sin. But some things are between you, your family, and God because they’re not in the Bible. You have to ask God what’s best to keep your heart pure. Let’s play a game to help us figure out the difference!

Give each kid a pom-pom, and place buckets on either side of you.
Say: If I say something that’s always true, toss your pom- pom in the bucket on my right. If I say something that’s not in the Bible and only true for some people, toss your pom- pom in the bucket on my left. (To make it easier, you can label the buckets)

Kids toss pom-poms into the correct bucket each time you read an item from the activity supplement.
If time allows, look up verses on activity supplement.

Review Questions:
1) What does the Bible verse mean when it says “trip and fall”? Make a wrong choice or sin.
2) What does pure mean? Clean, with nothing mixed in.
3) If someone follows different rules from you, how do you think it helps them if you follow their rules when you’re with them?
4) If you go to someone’s house and break their rules, what do you think will happen?
5) If something is in the Bible, is it true for everyone or is it just true for some people? True for everyone
6) What do you think you should do if someone is allowed to do something that you’re not allowed to do?
7) Why was it wrong for Nik to play Taco Strike in front of Peyton? She’s not allowed to play it.
8) What do you think Peyton should do next time her friend tells her a word is bad?
9) What are some ways you can help your friends say, “No!” to sin this week? Respect their rules, don’t make them feel left out or tempt them to sin, etc.
10) How can you help your friends say, “Yes!” to living pure this week?

Pray Together:
Ask kids to share things they’d like to pray about
Pray together over the prayer requests.
Not sure what to pray? Pray this: God, please help us make pure choices that honor You each day and that help our friends to honor You, too. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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