Elementary Kid’s Programming for January 24th

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Hey Grace Families!
This week, let’s learn how to be kind when we disagree.

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> Give each of your kids (and yourself) paper, markers and stickers.
> Say: I have a challenge: Create the BEST, TASTIEST pizza. Only put the toppings you really like on there! Go!
> Kids draw a pizza and put toppings they like on their pizzas.
> You create a pizza, too, but make sure your pizza is completely different from your kid’s pizza.
> Say: Time’s up! Show me your pizzas!
> Reveal (playfully to keep from hurting feelings) your pizza, and declare it the THE BEST pizza of all time.
> Ask your kids if they agree, and (playfully) defend your pizza if they don’t.
> Say: I’m just kidding around, right? If we don’t agree on something like pizza toppings it doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong! It’s okay to like different things and disagree on what is the best sometimes! What can we learn from this activity?

Review Questions:
1) How would you explain the word “disagree” to someone else? Idea: When two people have different ideas about the same thing.
2) If a kid disagrees with a parent, what would you tell them to do? Ideas: pray, calmly talk with the parent, respect their rules, etc.
3) What are some disagreements that really aren’t a big deal?
4) How can you be respectful to someone who disagrees with you about following Jesus? Answers will vary. Ideas: Pray for them, love them, listen, invite them to church, keep following Jesus, etc.
5) Think of a person you disagree with a lot. What can you do to show respect to them this week?
6) Who can you talk to if you need help with a disagreement?

Pray Together:
> Ask kids to share things they’d like to pray about
> Pray together over the prayer requests.
> Not sure what to pray? Pray this: God, please help us listen well and show respect and love to other people when we disagree with them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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