PreK Kid’s Programming for January 17th

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Hi Friends!
We are so happy you are here with us today!

Let’s watch today’s lesson video!

Activity: Take Care of the Baby
Miriam, Moses’ sister, got strong for God by obeying the little stuff each day! Even though she was a kid, her mom trusted her to take care of Moses when he was a baby. That’s big stuff!

You’ll Need: A Baby Doll

1) One person holds the baby and takes care of it. Use the Baby Care list for ideas.
2) Say, “Big stuff!” and pass the baby so a new person can take care of the baby.
3) Repeat until everyone takes a turn.

Baby Care List
1) Hug the baby
2) Change the baby’s diaper
3) Feed the baby with a bottle
4) Wash the baby’s face
5) Be gentle with the baby

Review Time:
1) Who trusted Miriam to take care of baby Moses? Miriam’s mom
2) Why did Miriam’s mom trust her to do big stuff? She obeyed the little stuff each day.

Practice answering today’s question and saying the Bible verse together.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!


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