PreK Kid’s Programming for January 10th

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Hi Friends!

We are so happy you are here with us today!

Let’s watch today’s lesson video!

Activity: I Belong to God!
Noah obeyed God because Noah was God’s friend. Noah belonged to God! You can belong to God, too, when you ask Jesus to forgive you, be your leader, and your best friend!
You’ll Need: Objects found around the house

1) Show one object.
2) Ask and answer this question together, “Who does this belong to?”
3) Repeat with the other objects.
4) Ask, “Who do you belong to?”
5) Everyone answers, “God!”

Review Time:
1) What do you need to do to belong to God? Ask Jesus to forgive me, be my leader, and my best friend.
2) Why should you obey your parents and leaders? Because I belong to God

Practice answering today’s question and saying the Bible verse together.
An extra coloring sheet is added at the bottom of the page!


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