Elementary Kid’s Programming for January 10th

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Hey Grace Families!
Today we are starting a new series on truth! What is truth? Let’s watch today’s lesson video to find out!

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Worship Songs:
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Activity: Truth or Trash
Activity Supplement: [CLICK HERE]

1) Say: “God’s truth is something to love and trust. But not everything we hear is true. False stuff is worse than slimy trash—throw it away from your heart and mind as fast as you can. Let’s play a game about that.”
2) Read a statement from the Truth or Trash activity supplement.
3) Each kid responds to the statement: If the statement is truth: kids jump up high with
thumbs up in the air. If the statement is trash (a lie): kids pretend to
throw a blob of slime into a trash bin.
4) Reveal whether the statement was truth or trash.
5) Ask kids if they’ve ever heard the truth or the lie.

Review Questions:
1) In the Bible verse, whose word is truth? God’s.
2) What would you say the word “true” means?
3) What are some things the Bible can help you learn the truth about? Ideas: Spiritual truth, God’s love, how to show love and follow Jesus, who Jesus is, etc.
4) What are some things educational books, videos, or apps can help you learn the truth about? Ideas: Animals, communities, geography, food, etc.
5) What are some things that don’t always help us find the truth? Ideas: Opinions, feelings, fictional stories, what sounds good, etc.
6) What is something you want to know the truth about?
7) If someone needed help finding out what is true, what would you tell them to do?
8) Name some trusted people you can talk to if you need help learning the truth about something.

Pray Together:
Ask kids to share things they’d like to pray about
Pray together over the prayer requests.
Not sure what to pray? Pray this: God, please make us holy by Your truth as you teach it to us in Your Word. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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