Elementary Kids Programming for December 6th

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Hey Grace Families!

God is the best Dad we can ever have! Let’s watch part 2 of this series.

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God! We have some fun new Christmas songs!

Worship Songs:
Christmas Melody:

Christmas is Jesus:

Light of Christmas:

You can find God’s promises in the Bible. Look up each Bible verse from the verse bank and write it inside the gift box it matches!

The choices we make can show others God is our Dad. Finish each sentence below with a loving choice you can make.

Review Questions:
1) At Konnect HQ, Ray, Mike, and Harper picked special Christmas ornaments. What did the ornaments remind them of? Ray: God keeps His promises; Mike: God doesn’t hide things from us—He tells the truth; Harper: God helps us do the work He gives us to do.
2) What do you think faithful means? Keeping promises, being there for people, trustworthy, etc.
3) God keeps His promises even when we make mistakes. What do you think about that?
4) How can waiting on God with a good attitude help you? It grows patience, hope, faith, excitement, etc.
5) God always keeps His promises, but sometimes we have to wait. What do you think it’s like to wait on God to answer a prayer?
6) Share a prayer you waited a long time for God to answer, or a prayer you’re still waiting for God to answer.
7) What can you do to learn about the promises God made to us? Read the Bible, ask someone who knows God’s promises, pray, learn at church, etc.
8) What’s a promise you can make and keep this week?

Have an awesome week Grace kids!


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