Elementary Kid’s Programming for November 29th

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Hey Grace Families!

Some kids know their dad. Some don’t. But we can all know the best Dad—God, our heavenly Father!

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:
Good Good Father:

Jesus is Alive Right Now:


When we choose to follow Jesus, God is our dad. That means all of us who follow Jesus are in God’s family. Let’s draw a picture for God!

Print a coloring sheet from this link and have your children color it. [CLICK HERE]

Review Questions:

1) At Konnect HQ, Dot watched a show about a dad and his kids. What do you think Dot liked about the dad on the show?
2) When we choose to follow Jesus, who do we get as our perfect dad? God
3) Who are the children in God’s family? Everyone who chooses to follow Jesus
4) What do you think is great about being a part of God’s family?
5) What does God do to show He’s a great Father? Examples: He’s always with me, He sent Jesus to forgive our sins, always listens, gives me what I need, loves me no matter what, etc.
6) God is a good father, but sometimes people think He’s not. What do you think makes them feel that way? Examples:their human father let them down, hurt them, wasn’t around, etc.
7) What do you think can help people know God is a good father? E.g. talk with God, read the Bible, we can show God’s love to them, etc.
8) What can you do to remind yourself God is a good father?
9) Think of someone who might not know God is their father, and tell them what you can do to show God’s love to them.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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