Elementary Kid’s Programming for November 22nd

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Hey Grace Families!

Jesus chose 12 disciples to follow Him while He lived on earth.
Jesus still invites us to be His disciples (even as children!), and choosing to follow Him means we can have a big impact on our world.
Let’s finish our series of Discipleship!

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Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:
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Our God:

For All My Days:


Say: When you copy Jesus’ example, Jesus can use your example to teach others how to be disciples. When they copy you, they’re copying Jesus! Let’s play a game about that!

Designate one child as the “leader” and place the children so that they are facing each other. (If you only have one child, you can play with them). The leader positions her body and asks the other child to mimic that position. For instance, the leader may put one hand on their head and one hand on their belly. The other child follows.

Review Questions:
1) When you’re following Jesus’ example, who can follow you? Everybody
2) What is a disciple? A person who follows learns from and lives for Jesus.
3) To copy Jesus’ example, you need to know what He did. What do you think will help you find out what He did? 4) Read the Bible, learn at church and from others who know Jesus well, etc.
5) How do you think it helps others when you follow Jesus’ example? Ideas: they can learn how to follow Jesus from your example, they can grow closer to Jesus when they copy you, etc.
6) When do you think it’s hard to follow Jesus’ example?
7) What’s one thing you can do this week to follow Jesus’ example?.
8) Who can you be an example to this week?

God, thank You for Jesus’ example. Please help us to copy Him every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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