Little’s Kid’s Programming for November 15th

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Hi Grace Families!

This week, we have another special lesson made just for you, our younger kids of Grace!

God made you and has a good plan for you.

Let’s watch today’s lesson video!

1) Look in books, magazines, or on the internet to find pictures of natural objects or go outside and look at them in real-life.
2) When you look at an object, talk about all the good things it does or that it can be used for.
3) Talk about this: God made all of those objects, and He has good plans for each of those objects.
4) Talk about the good plans God might have for each person in your family.
5) There is an extra coloring sheet at the end of this page that you can print out and have your child color.

Practice answering today’s question and saying the Bible verse together.

Finally, pray together about a problem you have. For example,

“Dear God, I know you have good plans for me. Amen.”

Have an awesome week Grace kids!


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