Elementary Kid’s Programming for November 15th

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Hey Grace Families!

Jesus chose 12 disciples to follow Him while He lived on earth.
Jesus still invites us to be His disciples (even as children!), and choosing to follow Him means we can have a big impact on our world.
Let’s watch the second part of this series!

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Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:
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What a Mighty God We Serve:


Activity Supplement ‘Know Jesus’: CLICK HERE

1) Give each kid a piece of paper and crayons.
2) Kids write or draw ways to get to know Jesus better.
3) As kids write, read ideas off the activity supplement in any order.
4) Kids say, “That helps!” when the idea your read helps you get to know Jesus and say, “That doesn’t help!” when it doesn’t.
5) Help kids fold the paper like an accordion and wrap one end in tape to create a paper fan.
6) Kids test their fans to see how far away they can hold it and still feel the breeze they create.

Say: You have to be close to this fan to feel the power of the wind it creates. It’s kind of like what happens when you get to know Jesus better every day. When you’re close to Him, you’ll know His power and see it working around you!

Review Questions:
1) What is a disciple? A person who follows learns from and lives for Jesus.
2) When you get to know Jesus better, what else do you get to know? The power of God’s Holy Spirit.
3) If you know you’ve seen or felt God’s power, talk about what happened.
4) Think about today’s Bible story. (From Matthew 13:19-23) What kind of soil do you think you’re most like? Path, rocky, weedy, or good
5) What makes you think you’re the kind of soil you picked? (From question #4)
6) What can you do this week to get to know Jesus better? See supplement from activity time for ideas.
7) If you forget about spending time with Jesus, what do you think will help you get back on track? Write a reminder, ask a friend to help you remember, talk with Jesus the same time each day, etc.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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