Elementary Kid’s Programming for November 8th

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Hey Grace Families!

Jesus chose 12 disciples to follow Him while He lived on earth.
Jesus still invites us to be His disciples (even as children!), and choosing to follow Him means we can have a big impact on our world.

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Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:
He Has Won:

Jesus is Alive Right Now:


You’ll Need:
1) Activity Supplement: CLICK HERE
2) An apple (for each kid)
3) A cross (for each kid)

To Do:
Say: When we learn about Jesus or from Him, He is our Teacher. When we choose to follow Him and make Him the most important one in our life, He is our Lord.

1) Give each kid an apple and a cross.
2) Read a statement from the activity supplement. You may read them in any order you like.
3) Kids vote whether they think the statement shows Jesus is Teacher, Lord, or both:
4) Kids show their apple for “Teacher.”
5) Kids show their cross for “Lord.”
6) Kids show both for “both.”
7) Keep the game open-ended. Let kids explain their votes, as there aren’t right or wrong answers.

Ask: Do you think it’s easier to make Jesus your Teacher or your Lord?

Review Questions:
1) What is a disciple? A person who follows learns from and lives for Jesus.
2) How can you tell if someone is a good teacher or a bad teacher?
3) What do you think makes Jesus a good teacher? Ideas: He listens, is patient and loving, He wants the best for you, He’s forgiving, etc.
4) What do you think it means to make Jesus your Lord? Ideas: make Him most important in your life, make Him your boss, etc.
5) What do you think is the difference between making Jesus your Teacher and making Jesus your Lord?
6) Choose an action step question.
7) What’s one thing you can do this week to learn about Jesus? Read about Him in the Bible, watch Bible stories on YouTube, learn about Him from other people who follow Him, etc.
8) What is one thing you can do this week to show Jesus is your Lord?

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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