Elementary Programming for October 11th

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Hey Grace Kids and Parents!

Today, let’s learn about one of God’s greatest miracles.

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You’ll Need:
1. Activity Sheet- ‘Ingredients
2. A Hat
3. Scissors

How To:
1. Create ingredient cards by cutting on the dotted lines of the activity sheet.

2. Say: Let’s show how a baker can take things that are kind of gross on their own and turn them into something tasty!

3. Pass the cards out, face down, to your child(ren), and place the chef’s hat upside down between you.

4. Kids don’t look at their cards.
5. Each kid takes a turn to:
– Flip over their card and show their ingredient(s)
– Describe what it’s like to eat it on its own
– Toss the ingredient(s) into the baker’s hat.
– Say: A baker mixes ingredients to create something great, kind of like how God miraculously works all the bad, good, and just okay things in our lives together for good! What do you think the ingredients in this hat will turn into?

Let kids guess as you shake the hat to “mix” and “bake” the ingredients. Reveal it’s chocolate cake.

If you have time later, bake a chocolate cake yourself!

Talk about it: A baker can turn runny eggs and tasteless flour into something good: a delicious cake. What are some bad things God can turn into something good?

Making a cake can take a long time. God making bad things into something good might take a long time, too. What do you think can help you while you wait?

Review Questions:
1. What do you think a miracle is? Answers will vary. Idea: an unusual or wonderful event caused by the power of God to bring glory to His name.

2. What is a miracle you are praying for right now?

3. If bad things are happening, you’re worried, and you don’t know what to do, what do you think will help you?

4. When you see God work a miracle right away, or if you’re waiting for a miracle, who do you want to talk to about it?

Pray together:
1. Ask kids to share things they’d like to pray about.

2. Pray together!

3. Not sure what to pray? Pray this:God, please help us see the miracles You are working all around us, every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Have an awesome week Grace Kids!

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