Kid’s Programming for September 20th

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Hey Grace Families!

Today, we are continuing our series called, ‘Who’s the Church?

Last week we learned about having a lot of brothers and sisters because you’re a part of God’s big Church! Today we are going to find out why we have SO MANY neighbors when we follow Jesus.

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:

I Came to Praise:

Jesus is Alive Right Now:

Reckless Love:

You’ll Need:
A doll, bandaids, and a marker or sharpie to write on the bandaids.

How To:
1) Show kids the doll.

Say: This is our neighbor. He needs help. He’s sick, hungry, cold, hurt, and needs a friend to talk to. Let’s say today’s Point together to remind us what to do.

1) Say the point together. Good neighbors care, share, and they’re always there.
2) Label each bandaid with one word from the point.
3) Kids stick word bandages on the doll to spell out the point.

Review Questions:
1) Who should we love? God; our neighbors
2) When you follow Jesus and you’re a part of God’s Church, who’s your neighbor? Everyone
3) What do you think it takes to be a good neighbor? Answers will vary.
4) In the Bible story, how can you tell the Samaritan was a good neighbor? He cared for someone he didn’t know and who didn’t even like him.
5) How do you think you can be a good neighbor to someone you don’t like or who’s mean to you? Answers will vary.
6) Share a time you needed someone else to be a good neighbor to you. Answers will vary.
7) Share some ways you will be a good neighbor this week. Answers will vary.
8) Name someone you know who needs help, needs a friend, or who is hurt. What can you do this week to be a good neighbor to them? Answers will vary.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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