Kid’s Programming for September 13th

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Hey Grace Families!

Today we are continuing our series called, ‘Who’s the Church?’

Guess what?! You have a lot more brothers and sisters when you follow Jesus, because you’re a part of God’s big Church!

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:
You Make Me Brave:

O The Deep Deep Love:

Jesus is Alive Right Now:

You’ll Need:
Challenge Card – CLICK HERE

How To: Follow the instructions on the challenge card…

Review Questions:
1) Where does true love come from? From God
2) Who are the “dear friends” in the Bible verse and the “sisters and brothers” in the point? Everyone in God’s Church; people who follow Jesus
3) How good do you think you are at showing God’s love to everyone? Answers will vary.
4) What do you think it would be like if we didn’t share God’s love with anyone? Answers will vary.
5) How is God’s love different from only loving people who love you? God loves no matter what.
6) What do you think you can do to make sure other people don’t feel left out? Answers will vary.
7) Share one way you can show God’s love to someone this week. Answers will vary.
8) Try to name as many people who are your brothers and sisters in God’s Church. How many people did you name? Answers will vary.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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