Kid’s Programming for September 6th

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Hey Grace Families!

This month we are going to start a new series called, ‘Who’s the Church?

The Church isn’t a building. The Church is people who follow Jesus — the Bible calls us the body of Christ. As part of God’s Church, God calls everyone our neighbors, tells us to love them as we love ourselves, and to show them how to follow Jesus. We have to love God with everything in us and love others the way we love ourselves to show everyone what God’s Church is all about!

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:

He Has Won:

Jesus is Alive Right Now:

This Little Light:

You’ll Need:
Body of Christ Activity Supplement
Also….Butcher Paper and markers (printer paper will work ok too)

How To:
Say: When we choose to follow Jesus, we’re part of the body of Christ—God’s Church. We have something special to do to show the world God’s love, like each body part has something special to do to keep the body healthy.
– Have your child lay on the butcher paper while you trace their outline. If you do not have butcher paper, you can trace a small doll on printer paper.
– Label the picture, “Body of Christ—The Church.”
– Kids draw parts of the body and label them with its function listed on the supplement. Help younger kids with labeling as needed.

Review Questions:
1) What is the body of Christ? Every single person who follows Jesus
2) What is another name for the body of Christ? God’s Church
3) Who is a part of God’s Church? Everyone who follows Jesus
4) In the Bible story, what did people who followed Jesus do to help each other out and keep the church healthy? Sold their property, shared what they had, met together, prayed, etc.
5) What do you think it would be like if everyone in God’s Church did the same job? Answers will vary.
6) What do you think it would be like if everyone in God’s Church decided not to do their special job? Answers will vary.
7) What can you do this week to help out at church? Obey my leaders, be a good friend, clean a mess, etc.
8) What can you do to find out what you’re really good at doing for God’s Church? Try different jobs, ask people what I’m good at, pray about it, etc.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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