Kid’s Programming for August 23rd

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Hey Grace Families!

It is important to obey the leaders that God gives us. Let’s watch Edison learn why we obey our leaders.

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Say: Let’s see how well you can obey your parents!
Line kids up about 10 feet away from you.
Each kid takes turns asking you, “Leader may I …” followed by a certain action to get closer to you. For example, “Leader, may I take two steps forward?”
It’s your choice as to whether you want to say, “Yes, you may,” or “No, you may not.”
If you say, “No, you may not,” offer an alternative action so the kid can still move forward. Use the activity supplement for fun ideas:
The kid who asked can choose to obey you and move forward, or they have to return to the start.
The game is over when everyone reaches you.

Review Questions:
1. When was it easy to obey in the game? When was it harder to obey? Answers will vary.
Think about the Bible verse. How often should we obey trusted parents and leaders? All the time
2. What good things happen when you obey? It pleases God, earns respect and trust, keeps you safe, helps your leaders take care of you, etc.
3. What are some bad consequences when you disobey? Lose trust, lose privileges, get in trouble, get hurt, make it harder for leaders to care for you, etc.
4. If you’ve already disobeyed a lot, what do you think you can do to get back on the right track? Ask forgiveness from leaders, try again, ask God to help you obey, ask a trusted leader to help you, etc.
5. What reasons do you think trusted leaders have for giving you rules? Answers will vary.
Name some trusted leaders you can obey this week. Answers will vary.
6. When you don’t feel like obeying, what will help you obey, anyway? Pray, remember the Bible verse, think of good things that happen when you obey, etc.

Have an awesome week Grace Kids!

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