Kid’s Programming for August 9th

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Hey Grace Families!

Today we are starting a new series called ‘In the Lead!’ Who’s in the lead? Is it you? Is it someone else?
It’s both!

We’re all leaders and followers. Kids influence others and follow those who influence them. Over the next few weeks, we are going to learn how to be more godly and wise leaders to others, while at the same time being wise about the people we follow.

Today we will learn to think, pray, then follow!

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For Who You Are:

Write a handwritten card or letter to someone you look up to and trust. It could be a school friend, teacher, wise adult, your doctor, or anyone else you can think of. Thank them for setting a great example for how to live.

Review Questions:

1. Who is always the best example to follow? Jesus
2. What clues can you look for to see if someone is a good example? They love God, obey leaders, love others, make wise choices, are respectful, honest, caring, helpful, etc.
3. Think about the Bible story (1 Kings 12:12-16). What do you think made Rehoboam follow the advice of the men his own age?
4. What do you think you would do if your friend set a bad example? Answers will vary, but steer kids toward loving their friend without copying them.
5. What do you think will happen if you follow someone’s godly example?
6. What can help you remember to think and pray before you follow someone? Answers will vary; ideas: practice it, write it down, put a note on your mirror, ask someone to help you, etc.

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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