Kid’s Programming for July 19th

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Hey Grace Families!

Today we are going to learn about fear and worry. When you get stuck thinking about all the bad things that might happen, you can get really, really worried! Trust God, by giving our worries and cares to Him.

At Konnect HQ, Benny is afraid he is going to get sick. Let’s watch this week’s awesome lesson to find out how he gives his worries to God!

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:
For Who You Are:

Jesus is Alive:


You’ll Need:
Paper and Markers
A box
Bible Verse:
1 Peter 5:7 ‘Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.’

How To:

Say: Everyone at Konnect HQ was worried about getting sick! They needed to give their worries and cares to God. We do, too. Let’s make a special box to help us.
Give each child a box, markers, and paper. Kids write the bible verse on the box.
Next, kids write or draw their worries on paper.
Kids crumple the worries and put them in the box.
Say: If you get worried again, take the worry out of the box, ask God to take care of it, and put it in the box again.

Review Questions:
1. Who can you give all your worries and cares to?
2. What do you think most people worry about?
3. When you feel worried, what does it make you think about?
4. What’s true: what God says or what worries make you think about?
5. What truths do you know about God that make you worry less?
6. How do you think trusting God can help you when you feel worried?
7. How do you think you can tell if you’re worrying about something?
8. How will you give your worries to God this week?
9. What can you do if you get worried about the same thing after you’ve already prayed about it?

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