Kid’s Programming for July 12th

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Hey Grace Families!

Today we are continuing to learn about growing up, and how to stop complaining!

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Worship Songs:
I Am Yours:

Jesus is Alive Right Now:

It’s Your Love:

You’ll Need:
A toy plant, real plant, or picture of a plant

How To:

Say: Remember the Bible story we saw about Jonah and the plant? His complaining was terrible! In this game, if you get stuck with the plant, you have to whine or complain like Jonah did. Wah-wah!
Pass the plant between you and your child(ren) and chant today’s point, “No more whining or complaining. It’s time to grow up!”

When the chant is complete, the person with the plant whines or complains about something.
Everyone else says, “Wah-wah!” when the person finishes complaining.
Repeat several times.

Review Questions:
Which would you rather hear all the time: someone whining and complaining or a baby crying?
Have you ever gotten in trouble for whining or complaining? What happened?
What does the Bible verse tell us to quit doing?
If you quit whining, complaining, and arguing, how would you do you think it would help you?
In the Bible story (Jonah 4:1-11), what did Jonah do that wasn’t mature?
Talk about a time you acted like Jonah by whining, complaining, or arguing.
When you whine and complain all the time, what do you think it shows others?
When you have a good attitude, what do you think it shows others?
What are some things you can do to help yourself quit whining, complaining, and arguing?
If you catch yourself whining, what will you do?

Have an awesome week Grace kids!

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