Kid’s Programming for June 14th

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Hey Grace Kids and Parents!

Today, we are learning about growing up and being strong for God

When we choose to follow Jesus, He shows us how to grow and become better at following Him. This week’s point is all about that: ‘No more baby stuff. It’s time to grow up!’

Lets learn to take care of our own hearts to be mature for God!

Konnect HQ:

Have a Worship dance party with your family!

Worship Songs:
You Forgive Me:

What a Mighty God We Serve:

This Is Amazing Grace:

Who You Say I Am:

You’ll Need:
Milk and Meat activity sheet: CLICK HERE
Milk and Meat activity supplement: CLICK HERE

How To:

Say: When you choose to follow Jesus, your heart becomes a baby heart all over again! You need people to tell you how to live for Jesus. That’s spiritual milk. But if you choose to live for Jesus without being told what to do all the time, that’s spiritual meat!
Give each kid a milk and meat activity sheet.
Read the activity supplement to see examples of spiritual milk and spiritual meat.
Kids write or draw examples of learning to live for Jesus on the spiritual milk and spiritual meat.
Kids draw or write examples of living for Jesus without being told on the spiritual meat side.
Kids fold on the dotted lines to cover their answers.

Review Questions:
What is spiritual milk?
What is spiritual meat?
When is it good to drink only spiritual milk?
When is it bad to drink only spiritual milk?
How do you think you can tell if you’re eating spiritual milk or spiritual meat?
How can you eat spiritual meat this week?
Pick one example of spiritual meat from the activity sheet. How can you get better at that one thing this week?
Have an awesome week Grace kids! I am so excited to see you in person soon!

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