Kid’s Programming for June 7th

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Hi Grace Families!

This week, we have a special lesson made just for you, our younger kids of Grace! Let’s see what Emily, Guy, and Mr. Music have been up to!

Today we are going to learn about God’s wonderful gift, the Holy Spirit!

Let’s watch today’s lesson video!

Use your camera cell phone camera to scan this code for quick access.

Parents: As your kids watch, gather a gift bag or wrapped present, a toy house, and a handheld mirror. If you do not have these items, you can show them a picture on your phone.

After the lesson video:
Ask: Why does God’s Holy Spirit live in you?
Answer Together: God’s Holy Spirit gives me power!

Say: Let’s look at our picture passes for today! Can you remember what three things they are?

I’ll give you a hint! The first picture pass is something you give someone on their birthday! A gift! The next hint is a place to live. A house! Lastly, When you look at it, you can see yourself! A mirror!

Great! A gift, a house, and a mirror!

Say: This is a gift. God’s Holy Spirit is a gift!
Finish the sentence: You get the gift of God’s Holy Spirit when you choose to follow… Jesus!

Say: This is a house. God’s Holy Spirit can live in me!
Ask: What’s inside of you that’s a house for God’s Holy Spirit? Your spirit heart!

Say: This is a mirror. I can look like Jesus!
Ask: Can God’s Holy Spirit change your spirit heart to look like Jesus? Yes!

Say: Let’s color in today’s bible verse. Use the attached page. Can you say it with me?
Romans 15:19,
“… He has (point up at the sky)
given me… (point to self)
the power… (make muscles with arms)
of the Holy Spirit…” (hands over each other circling around the heart)

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