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June 2020

Kid’s Programming for June 28th

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Hey Grace Families!

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:
He Has Won:

Jesus is Alive Right Now:


You’ll Need:
Armor of God Board Game – CLICK HERE

How To:

Say: God already won the war against evil, but we still need protection! That’s why He gave us His armor.
Read the clues about one of the pieces of the armor of God.
Have your kids point to the part of the armor of God they think you’re reading about.
Repeat several times.

Review Questions:
Which piece of armor do you think is the most helpful?
If you could see the armor for real, what do you think it would look like?
Who is on God’s side in the spiritual war?
God already won. What makes the evil side keep trying to fight us?
What kids of things does evil do to attack us?
The Bible is called the sword of the spirit. What do you think it means?
How can you put on the armor of God each day?
What evil attacks do you have to fight the most? Ideas: Worry, fear, selfishness, loneliness, not liking yourself, bullying, etc.

Have an awesome week Grace kids! I am so excited to see you in person soon!

Kid’s Programming for June 21st

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Hey Grace Kids and Parents!

Let’s talk about lying, and why we should always tell the truth.

At Konnect HQ, they don’t like to hear lies. Let’s watch and see what that’s all about.

Konnect HQ:

Let’s Worship God!

Worship Songs:
Good Good Father:

Great Are You Lord:

My Best Friend:

This Is Amazing Grace:


Say: We are going to play a game! It is called the line between truth and lies.
Set up a jump rope, piece of tape, line of toys, or any other barrier to create a vertical line.
Label the right side “truth” and the left side “lies.”
Create statements and have kids move to the side of the line that represents if the statement is true or false.
For example; “I have purple hair, our dog is named Jake, we had lasagna for breakfast, today is Father’s Day.
Let the kids come up with examples as well.

Review Questions:
What do you think is so bad about lying?
What do you think it means to be honest?
In the Bible story, two people died when they lied, but our bodies don’t usually die when we lie. What do you think does die when we lie? Our reputation, the trust others have in us, etc.
Once you tell lies, what do you think can help people trust you again?
Share the name of someone you’ve lied to and you need to apologize to.
Think of a lie you tell a lot. Tell your family what it is. Pray together asking God to help you stop telling that lie.

Have a nice father’s day with your Dad! Here are some coloring sheets you can do to help celebrate your Dad, and the best Father of all, God!

Have an awesome week Grace kids! I am so excited to see you in person soon!

Kid’s Programming for June 14th

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Hey Grace Kids and Parents!

Today, we are learning about growing up and being strong for God

When we choose to follow Jesus, He shows us how to grow and become better at following Him. This week’s point is all about that: ‘No more baby stuff. It’s time to grow up!’

Lets learn to take care of our own hearts to be mature for God!

Konnect HQ:

Have a Worship dance party with your family!

Worship Songs:
You Forgive Me:

What a Mighty God We Serve:

This Is Amazing Grace:

Who You Say I Am:

You’ll Need:
Milk and Meat activity sheet: CLICK HERE
Milk and Meat activity supplement: CLICK HERE

How To:

Say: When you choose to follow Jesus, your heart becomes a baby heart all over again! You need people to tell you how to live for Jesus. That’s spiritual milk. But if you choose to live for Jesus without being told what to do all the time, that’s spiritual meat!
Give each kid a milk and meat activity sheet.
Read the activity supplement to see examples of spiritual milk and spiritual meat.
Kids write or draw examples of learning to live for Jesus on the spiritual milk and spiritual meat.
Kids draw or write examples of living for Jesus without being told on the spiritual meat side.
Kids fold on the dotted lines to cover their answers.

Review Questions:
What is spiritual milk?
What is spiritual meat?
When is it good to drink only spiritual milk?
When is it bad to drink only spiritual milk?
How do you think you can tell if you’re eating spiritual milk or spiritual meat?
How can you eat spiritual meat this week?
Pick one example of spiritual meat from the activity sheet. How can you get better at that one thing this week?
Have an awesome week Grace kids! I am so excited to see you in person soon!

Kid’s Programming for June 7th

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Hi Grace Families!

This week, we have a special lesson made just for you, our younger kids of Grace! Let’s see what Emily, Guy, and Mr. Music have been up to!

Today we are going to learn about God’s wonderful gift, the Holy Spirit!

Let’s watch today’s lesson video!

Use your camera cell phone camera to scan this code for quick access.

Parents: As your kids watch, gather a gift bag or wrapped present, a toy house, and a handheld mirror. If you do not have these items, you can show them a picture on your phone.

After the lesson video:
Ask: Why does God’s Holy Spirit live in you?
Answer Together: God’s Holy Spirit gives me power!

Say: Let’s look at our picture passes for today! Can you remember what three things they are?

I’ll give you a hint! The first picture pass is something you give someone on their birthday! A gift! The next hint is a place to live. A house! Lastly, When you look at it, you can see yourself! A mirror!

Great! A gift, a house, and a mirror!

Say: This is a gift. God’s Holy Spirit is a gift!
Finish the sentence: You get the gift of God’s Holy Spirit when you choose to follow… Jesus!

Say: This is a house. God’s Holy Spirit can live in me!
Ask: What’s inside of you that’s a house for God’s Holy Spirit? Your spirit heart!

Say: This is a mirror. I can look like Jesus!
Ask: Can God’s Holy Spirit change your spirit heart to look like Jesus? Yes!

Say: Let’s color in today’s bible verse. Use the attached page. Can you say it with me?
Romans 15:19,
“… He has (point up at the sky)
given me… (point to self)
the power… (make muscles with arms)
of the Holy Spirit…” (hands over each other circling around the heart)