Kid’s Programming for May 31st

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Hey Grace Kids and Parents!

In the next few weeks, we are going to throw it back!

Today, we are going to watch a vintage Konnect HQ from 7 years ago! In fact, they are in space! They have a different theme song, hq, uniforms and everything!

We will be learning about what it means to repent. Let’s watch this week’s awesome message.

Konnect HQ:

Have a Worship dance party with your family!

Worship Songs:
You Forgive Me:

What a Mighty God We Serve:

This Is Amazing Grace:

Who You Say I Am:

You’ll Need:
1. Paper
2. Markers
3. Envelope

How To:
1. Give paper to each child.
2. Have kids write things they have done that are not pleasing to God. For example, being mean to a sibling, not listening to parents, lying, etc.
3. Next, have them put their paper in the envelope and seal it.
4. On the back side of the envelope have them write ‘turn away from sin’ and on the front side have them write ‘turn towards God.’

Say: Once you give a sin to God, He will forgive you and help you be strong enough to stop that sin. Turn away from the sin and don’t take it back

Review Questions:
1. Why did Mike’s joke turn out to be mean and hurtful instead of funny? It was selfish to do something just because he thought it was funny. He didn’t think of how it would keep Alyssa from doing what she needed to do.
2. What did Mike realize he needed to do to repent and have a good relationship with his friends? Mike stopped hiding and took responsibility. Mike asked for forgiveness. Mike got rid of all the jokes that hurt his friends and only kept jokes that would be funny for everyone.
3. In the bible story, what did Jesus tell the woman caught in sin to do? Go, and sin no more.
4. Why is it important to repent from sin when you pray to God? Sin hurts God’s heart and separates your heart from Him. When you repent, He will forgive you, make your heart right, and give you strength to stop sinning.
5. Think of someone that you have hurt. What can you do this week to make things right with that person? I can talk to God and repent from hurting others, I can ask that person to forgive me, I can stop making hurtful choices.
6. If you make a bad choice this week, what will you do to repent? I will ask God to forgive me, make me strong, etc.

Have a great week Grace Kids! We would love to see you next week at our drive thru prayer event. We have goodie bags for you!

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