Kid’s Programming for April 19th

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Hi Grace Kids and Parents!

We are continuing our series on Grace, learning about the Heart vs. God. Watch this week’s Konnect HQ video to begin today’s lesson.

Konnect HQ:

Have a Worship dance party with your family! Show them some of our favorite songs that we sing together every week!

Worship Songs:
My Lighthouse:

Wherever I go:

This Little Light:

When We Serve:

Do this Activity Together:

You’ll Need the Following:
Per Child: 1 blank sheet of paper, 1 Draw By Law Supplement, 1 set of markers!

How To:
1) Give each child a sheet of paper

Say: Follow the instructions I read and draw the exact same picture I have on my paper—without peeking!

2) Read the Draw by Law activity supplement to kids.
3) Kids draw on their papers based on the directions.
4) Compare drawings to the activity supplement picture.

Say: These drawings are kind of like life. Even with God’s law to follow, our human hearts can still get it wrong. I’m so thankful we’ve got God’s grace when we follow Jesus!

*If time allows, kids decorate their picture or redraw it by copying the supplement on the back of their paper.

Choose a question to ask after the activity.

What do you think made everyone’s picture turn out differently? Answers will vary.

Lastly, take some time to talk about this week’s lesson with your family. Choose a few review questions.

Review Questions:
1. This is God’s law of love: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Share some ways you can do that.
2. Kindly talk about a time you saw someone act in an unloving way.
3. Only Jesus always followed God’s law of love. The rest of us don’t measure up. What do you think we are supposed to do about that?
4. Some people say, “Follow your heart.” When is it good advice, and when is it bad advice?

Parents, here is a ‘Crisis Parent Conversation Guide’ that you can use to support your kids in this challenging time.

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