April 5th Kid’s Programming

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Hi Grace Kids and Parents! 

We are in our final week of learning about emotions! This week we are learning about JOY.

Lots of things might make us happy, but ONLY God can give us joy James 5:13 says “… Are any of you happy? You should sing praises.”  What does it mean to sing praises about God?

(Answer: Talk about His love, power, strength, thank Him, etc.)

Let’s watch this week’s HQ Lesson:

Konnect HQ:

Have a Worship dance party with your family! Show them some of our favorite songs that we sing together every week!

Worship Songs:
My Lighthouse:

Wherever I go:

This Little Light:

When We Serve:

Review Questions:
1. When do you feel the happiest? Answers will vary.
2. What do you think people like about feeling happy? Answers will vary.
3. What do you think is the difference between being happy and having God’s joy? Answers will vary. Ideas: Happy is about good things happening, happy only lasts a little while; joy is about how good God is, you can have joy even when bad things are happening, etc.
4. How can you have joy even when the things around you are not happy? Pray, thank God for the good things He’s done, remember Jesus forgives and God is always good, etc.
5. If you feel sad this week, what can you do to get God’s comfort? Talk to God about it, talk to a trusted friend, cry it out, read the Bible, etc.
6. How can you comfort someone who is sad this week? Answers will vary.

Parents, here is a ‘Crisis Parent Conversation Guide’ that you can use to support your kids in this challenging time.


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