THE WHOLE90 CHALLENGE — living on 90% for 90 days

The challenge is simple: give back to God a percentage of your income for 90 consecutive days.

Inspired by The Whole30 food challenge that has led to many life-changing for people all over, we are calling this giving challenge “The Whole 90” with the belief that this 90 day challenge will result in a deeper level of spiritual growth and strengthened faith.

So how can you take the challenge?


  1. Tell us you’ve taken the challenge by either marking it on your connection card during a weekend service or sending us an email at
  2. Give a percentage of your income for 90 consecutive days by going here.

Have more questions?  Check out this video and the FAQs below.

Ready to take the challenge?



Why take the Whole90 Challenge?

At Grace, we want to be intentional about going deeper with God, strengthening our faith and being “all in”.  To us, what it means to be “all in” is to fully invest our time, our heart and even our finances to what God is doing through the church we call home.

This isn’t for us, this is for God.  Our desire is to reach more for Christ and strengthen what he’s already doing through his ministry here at Grace.  So we invite you!  Take this step in faith and take this challenge!

How do I start?

  1. Calculate 10% of your income.  Simply take your paycheck and calculate 10% of your take home amount, give 10% to the work of Christ at Grace Church San Diego. *Note that 10% is a guideline and something to strive towards if possible. 
  2. Set up a recurring gift through this website or our mobile app.  Remember, you can start by texting GRACECSD to 77977 and it takes just a few seconds!   You can also give via check during weekend services at either of our campuses.  *If you give cash during services, please seal in an envelope with your information written on it so we know it’s from you!

You may also choose to use your online banking bill pay option through your bank or credit union. This is simple: log-in to your online banking system and set up ‘Grace Church San Diego’ as the payee; use the address 4637 Oregon Street San Diego, CA. 92116. In the account number or memo field, enter your campus name (ie. North Park, Spring Valley).

Your generosity will greatly impact what God is doing in San Diego and beyond!