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First Impressions Director

Average Hours/Week: 20 +

FLSA status: Exempt

Reach people to become followers of Christ.

Oversight of First Impressions Team: Setup Team, Ushers Team, Coffee Team, Greeters Team, Parking Team, Park N Ride, Facility review. Develop leaders to become disciple makers as specified in Matthew 28:16-20.

Oversight of First Impressions systems to model serving those who come to our church according to Mark 10:45.

Oversee Safety and Security Team.

Systems and specific duties:

Create systems with the First Impressions Ministry so that unchurched people coming to Grace have a Christ-like First Impression according to 2 Corinthians 2:15.

Create structures within the First Impressions ministry so that a team member can flourish and take ownership according to Romans 12:3-8. Empower, equip, and schedule team members for all First Impressions positions.

Church events: Develop systems for facility set up for church events: Recruit teams to accomplish set up and tear down of the facility for weekend services and special events.

Facility analysis: Review appearance of the facility for first impressions and make recommendations to the staff. This includes the appearance of landscaping, signage, bathrooms, entryways etc.

Serve as part of the First Impressions team. Give input into the staff meetings as well as First Impressions meetings.

Lead and empower Safety and Security Team Leaders.


Children’s Director

Average Hours/Week: 20+
FLSA Status: Exempt

Reach families to become mature followers of Christ

Oversight of Kids Ministry at East campus including- systems implementation, commitment to the vision and mission of the Kids ministry, site management, volunteer management, and facility improvements.

Develop leaders to become disciple makers as specified in Matthew 28:16-20.

Run a Christ-centered children’s ministry Colossians 3:17.

Create structures within the Children’s ministry so that a team member can flourish and take ownership of the program according to Romans 12:3-8.

Develop and oversee the recruiting, training, and scheduling of volunteers to lead each of the worship service times. Utilize Orange resources for training.

Train your leaders to preach the gospel according to 2 Timothy 4:2.

Ongoing evaluation and implementation of age-appropriate curriculums and activities for both Pre-k and Elementary ministries.

Participate and collaborate with Kids & Youth staff on events or programs keeping in line with the church and ministry mission and vision, including Child Dedication, Baptism classes, Trunk or Treat and other events.

Carefully manage Pre-k & Elementary budget, oversee and maintain Pre-k & Elementary facility, purchase/replace outdated, worn out items, report areas that need repair, and recommend improvements as needed.

Flip Kids area weekly in collaboration with Grace Kids Preschool.


TEACHER’S ASSISTANT – Full time position open at Grace Kids Preschool

We are looking for Teacher’s Assistants for our Grace Preschool.

Six units of early childhood education is required. Contact or call 619-269-8080.