Faith-Rest is a life of peace designed for you in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is characterized by a moment-by-moment state of confidence and stability even though often surrounded by pressures, adversities, and disasters.  Come learn the instructions from God’s Word as to how you can transform your sometimes chaotic life into an all-time life of peace.

A women’s event on February 3rd for young and old, far and near to Jesus Christ. The coffee bar opens at 8:30am. The event begins at 9am and ends at 11:30am. The event is $5 and will be held at Grace Church North Park.
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Faith–Forward is a men’s event for guys striving for Excellence in our daily walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Instead of striving for perfection, you have permission to be imperfect…to take risks in growing your faith. As life’s pressures, adversities and disasters seek to derail your walk, lean into Christ to rise-up and continue moving forward, seeking Excellence over Perfection. A free men’s event on Saturday, January 20th, 9:30 am – 11:30 am, at Mount Helix Park.
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As a community church we thrive on relationship with God and others. Link events take place between connect group semesters when groups are on break. These engaging events are designed to link you into a small group in the coming semester. We all need a wolf pack to belong in, we hope you find your pack at Grace SD! For more information, email us at